MILWAUKEE—The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music is recording the Ukrainian national anthem with the help of a Ukrainian instructor.

Tatiana Migliaccio said she was proud to show her Ukrainian roots.

“I used to play the flute with my dad when I was 7 and I was in the flute ensemble and played with other girls. I played a Ukrainian folk song,” she said .

Tatiana has been a violin teacher at the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music for 15 years.

Migliaccio said that although not everyone speaks the same language, music connects us all.

She said her thoughts are with Ukraine as she continues to fight against Russia.

“It’s a sad day today because we had some bombs,” Migliaccio said. Although she was able to speak to her family who now live in Ukraine, she said she was still nervous for them knowing they could be in danger.

The Wisconsin Conservatory of Music rehearsed the Ukrainian national anthem to show off some of the country’s culture.

The plan is to have the anthem available online for everyone.

“The hope here is that people – meaning Ukrainians and people connected to Ukraine – and our WCM family will be able to see this happening and understand that we have their back,” said Erin Hutchins, from the Wisconsin Conservatory of Music. grants officer.

It’s a gesture Migliaccio couldn’t be more grateful for.

“I’m really happy and I’m really proud. It’s the good place. Thanks, America. Thank you Milwaukee. Thank you, professors at Wisconsin Conservatory who are truly proud and doing this for my country, for my people, for the nation,” Migliaccio said.