NAME – Elisabeth “Biz” Balizet

THE SCHOOL – Saint Barbara and Regina Coeli

RESIDENCE – Massillon

ALMA MATER HIGH SCHOOL – Massillon Washington High School

UNIVERSITY – University of North Carolina at Greensboro

FAMILY – Husband of 22 years, Keith, and sons Luke, 20, and Beau, 18.

WHAT SUBJECT DO YOU TEACH – I teach physical education from kindergarten to eighth grade.

WHAT IS THE BEST PART OF YOUR JOB? – The best part of my job is motivating kids to have fun in the gym and pushing themselves to do things they never thought they could do. I also have the unique perspective of teaching the same children year after year. I had my current eighth graders as preschoolers.

WHAT IS MOST DIFFICULT? – The hardest part of my job is finding new and creative ways to engage my students.

WHAT SECRET OF SUCCESS WOULD YOU SHARE WITH YOUR STUDENTS? – The secret to success is to believe in yourself and never give up.

IS TEACHING CHILDREN THE SAME TODAY AS WHEN YOU STARTED? – Teaching children is definitely different from what I started 10 years ago. Technology has played a role in whether or not children experience physical activity.

MY STUDENTS AND COLLABORATORS WILL BE SURPRISED THAT I … – …was a college basketball player!

WHAT IS YOUR HIDDEN TALENT? – My hidden (or maybe not so hidden) talent is that I’m very artistic in addition to being athletic!

IF YOU WERE NOT A TEACHER, YOU WOULD BE… – … If I weren’t a teacher, I would be a full-time wife and mother.

Elizabeth Balizet, physical education teacher at St. Barbara's School, February teacher of the month at Canton Repository Walsh University.  Tuesday, February 8, 2022.

Other candidates


Casey Cross, Fourth-Year Intervention Specialist – Casey is a top notch educator who goes above and beyond to meet the needs of students with disabilities. He is passionate about their potential and relentless when it comes to encouraging them to believe in themselves. His students engage with the work because he makes it personalized AND fun! AIS is fortunate to have him on staff and appreciates his dedication to the building and the neighborhood.


Penny Harris, English – Penny Harris has been an English teacher at Central Catholic for over 20 years. His depth of grammar and great literature are impressive, but his commitment to the Crusaders is even more impressive. In addition to teaching, she is a speech and debate coach, incentive counselor, and student council advisor. Students of all levels know exactly who Mrs. Harris is as she is one of their biggest fans who attends countless plays, musicals and games, she is always there to cheer on the students! She is equally willing to encourage them from the classroom, often offering her own free time to work with students, continually finding new ways to engage students and foster confidence and presentation skills, as well as to create a welcoming classroom environment.


Kristen Kuhn, educational coach – Kristen is our candidate for Gibbs Elementary School because she is there to support us all in any way we need. She is patient and kind as many staff learn new data systems, curricula, tests, etc. We are grateful to Kristen!

Allison Gaylord, Categorical Cross 7th and 8th – Allison always goes above and beyond to ensure they have great learning experiences at school. Additionally, she was one of 30 teachers selected to be part of the Teacher Tree in Washington, DC, by First Lady Jill Biden.


Jordan Murphy, first year – Jordan Murphy teaches with joy and enthusiasm. She challenges her students to learn and grow. Ms. Murphy teaches traditional subjects, but also teaches her students how to get along with each other, how to make good choices and how to successfully navigate the school environment. She has boundless energy when it comes to meeting the needs of her students and family.

Jacki Cain, Eighth Grade Language Arts – Jacki gives the best of herself to the students she works with every day. She is motivated, caring and brings a lot of energy to her class. When you walk into her classroom, you quickly see how she connects with her students.


Nathalina Schloneger, music – Mrs. Schloneger teaches music to all the children of Lake Cable. She is a leader in our PAX program, sharing ideas, implementing school-wide initiatives, and building good character in her music lessons. She positively shares her love of music with all Lake Cable students and staff.


Carla Kandel, kindergarten – Carla Kandel is an amazing kindergarten teacher who empowers her students to try new things, build confidence, and celebrate learning opportunities. Carla teaches the whole child by creating lessons that are delivered on learning platforms that are personalized and tailored to meet students’ needs and strengths. Carla champions the best learning environment for all of her students and works tirelessly to create a warm, safe and engaging learning space for all of her students.


Chris Middleton, American History – Chris Middleton is in his 31st year of teaching here at Marlington Middle School. Mr. Mid is a Marlington alumnus and taught health, life skills, right words and tutored during his first 30 years at MMS. However, this year he took on a new challenge as an eighth grade American History teacher. Mr. Mid has done an amazing job engaging his students and tackling this new role head-on. In addition to this, Coach Middleton has coached football, basketball, baseball and softball. He is currently a junior football coach and an assistant college softball coach while continuing to be the voice of the Dukes for home college basketball games. We are proud to continue to call Mr. Mid a Duke!


Jamie Ruffner, fifth grade – Learning, sharing and working with others are hallmarks of fifth-grade MIS teacher Jamie Ruffner. Beyond her fabulous classroom teaching that fosters positive relationships, she works to create safe places for teachers and students. She researched and piloted “Mindfulness in the Classroom”, an evidence-based practice teaching social-emotional learning standards at MIS. Jamie collaborated with other teachers, created classroom activities and supported implementation. As such, she is our MIS teacher of the month!

Amy Lustig, TESOL Instructor – Amy Lustig is a teacher-leader at MIS. She serves diverse learners and works with families who have language differences to ensure they have equality and a positive learning environment. She attends county MIS representative meetings, supports teachers with classroom instruction, and partners to provide resources to her students. Recently, she partnered with an outside company to create care bags that include blankets! Amy demonstrates our school’s motto of getting better every day (GBED)!


Mandy Schuller, math – Mandy has always been dedicated to becoming the best possible teacher for her students, but she took it even further this year in a newly created role. She pushed herself to prepare and create a program that will benefit all children!

Mallory Reolfi, Response Specialist – Ms. Reolfi is a Seventh Grade Intervention Specialist at North Canton Middle School who works tirelessly to meet the needs of her students. She is able to connect and build relationships with students. Ms. Reolfi also works to support our district teachers through her role on the North Township Education Staffing Committee.

Local perry

Kathy Patron, teacher and speech and debate coach – As the leader of the Speech and Debate team, Kathy Patron led the team to multiple state championship victories. As a grassroots part of the community, she is known for her philanthropy and champions various causes. Her caring attitude shines through both in the classroom and beyond. It has a great impact on many students.


Barb Frank, Reading Specialist – Barb Frank has shown extraordinary dedication to the students of Warstler Elementary, as she is an accomplished team player who is always willing to help others. Her laughter and cheerful smile have been a blessing throughout her great teaching career at Plain Local.

Lauren Sturiale, Language Arts – Lauren Sturiale pushes her students through engaging, interesting, and student-led lessons in her language arts classroom. Her dedication can be seen when she advises the Ohio Model United Nations and National History Day teams, leading them to the state competition on an annual basis.


Michel Rezac, religion – Michael Rezac is a professor of religion at Saint-Thomas d’Aquin. He is exactly what a school needs in a religion teacher: he is always upbeat and positive, greets everyone with a smile and a hello, he is a dedicated Catholic who shows students faith in action by the way he treats others. Mr. Rezac is also a respected teacher who is respectful and willing to discuss matters of faith with any of his students; he made the gospel come alive for our students.


Laura Clear, fourth year – Ms. Clear believes that building positive relationships with her students is a priority for successful learning. Her innovative teaching methods and technology skills work perfectly to ensure her students understand the curriculum while having fun learning!


Elizabeth Balizet, physical education – Elizabeth Balizet is a physical education teacher at St. Barbara Catholic School. She maintains excellent relationships with students and plans engaging and age-appropriate activities for our students. This year, she was asked to take on additional duties, and she did so without complaint. She has worked for our school for 10 years. He is a very positive person, centered on the whole child, and encourages our students to be role models for others.