After watching “River of Forgiveness,” it will become clear how the message of forgiveness connects perfectly with a day centered around reconciliation and finding solace in our close friendships.

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Jul 30, 2022 11:34 AM PDT

SAN FRANCISCO, July 30, 2022 ( –
Wai Lana’s new music video Forgiveness River pays homage to International Friendship Day July 30e– a day that promotes and encourages peace, happiness and unity in the world.

The wisdom of yoga touches every aspect of our lives. After having watched Forgiveness River, it will become clear how the message of forgiveness connects perfectly with a day centered on reconciliation and finding solace in our close friendships. Forgiveness is an integral part of friendship and our ability to live a happy, peaceful and healthy life.

Wai Lana says, “Whether you are angry with a family member or close friend, neighbor, colleague, or complete stranger, holding onto resentment or anger towards others will cause you stress and sadness. Why carry the burden of anger for days on end for something you can’t change? »

Everyone will be able to relate to many storylines that Wai Lana sings about in Forgiveness River. Although it draws attention to the unhappiness caused by holding on to anger, the song maintains a playful and uplifting tone, transporting viewers to a place of peace, joy, and lightheartedness. Both entertaining and meditative, Forgiveness River can be watched over and over again.

Wai Lana concluded, “I hope viewers find both inspiration and some relief from the heavy burden of anger, and that it brings their friends and loved ones even closer. Not everything in life is under our control, but each of us has the power to forgive. If we want to hold back anger, it’s our freedom, but we can’t expect the fruits of peace and happiness to bloom among the weeds. anger and resentment.

About Wai Lana

Wai Lana is a world-renowned yoga instructor credited with pioneering the modern yoga movement through her award-winning television series, “Wai Lana Yoga,” which has aired in the United States and around the world for three decades. For Wai Lana, yoga isn’t just a workout, it’s a whole lifestyle that offers countless physical, mental and spiritual benefits.

It is difficult to compare Wai Lana with any other artist. His music videos are rich with spiritual depth, inspiration and wisdom. Fusing captivating music, lyrics and cinematography, Wai Lana’s unique style belongs to a genre all its own, which has been described as “music from the heart”.

Fans have grown accustomed to Wai Lana releasing a new music video every year that expresses some of the deepest aspects of yoga, inviting her viewers into a world of peace, compassion and respect for all. His past videos include “Namaste, Colors, Beyond time and space, lay me downand She speaks sign language.

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