The Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (Teco) Education Division, together with Kian Kok Middle School and the Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah, will hold the third Test of Chinese as a Foreign Language (TOCFL) on July 23.

The test will be held for the first time at Kian Kok Middle School and online registration for TOCFL will be open from June 7-17.

During an online meeting attended by Charlin Chang, director of education of Teco, Goh Teck Seng, principal of Kian Kok Middle School and Pang Thou Chong, president of the Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah, the organizer has announced the launch of online registration for TOCFL Sabah and encourages students and the public to register.

Charlin said it was the first time TOCFL was held in East Malaysia and marked a milestone in promoting Chinese culture and Mandarin.

She expressed her gratitude to Kian Kok Middle School and the Taiwan Alumni Association of Sabah for the dedication and efforts that went into organizing the test.

She said TOCFL acts as a useful and standardized assessment tool for proficiency levels in Huayu, which aligns with the proficiency guidelines of CEFR (Common European Framework of Reference for Languages) and ACTFL (Council American for the teaching of foreign languages).

She encourages students who are currently learning Mandarin at international schools, language centers and tuition centers to take the TOCFL to assess their level of Mandarin proficiency.

She also pointed out that there are more than 60 university-affiliated Mandarin language centers in Taiwan, offering various Mandarin programs and related resources that are suitable for all types of Mandarin learners. Students are encouraged to take the opportunity to learn Mandarin in Taiwan.

Meanwhile, Goh said that the school always emphasizes and supports diverse learning, the Chinese language is increasingly important and becoming a global language, and we encourage students of different ethnicities to learn more languages ​​to gain a competitive advantage and those who are fluent in Chinese to obtain a TOCFL test certificate as proof of their language skills.

Pang, on the other hand, said the association is dedicated to promoting talent cultivation in Sabah in combination with educational trends in Taiwan.

By co-hosting TOCFL, they hope to encourage students in Sabah to earn a professionally recognized certification of Chinese language proficiency. Students of all levels and the public are welcome to apply for the exam.

Education Division Deputy Assistant Director Alice Chen said that there are three bands for the TOCFL listening and reading test, which are band A, band B and band C, and Simplified and traditional Mandarin test proofs are available for each band.

Candidates who pass the test will receive a certificate from the Taiwan Ministry of Education which can be used as a reference document for Chinese language proficiency level for university applications or job search.

The TOCFL certificate can also be used as proof of proficiency in Chinese when applying for a Taiwan scholarship and earning bonus points under the new assessment system for overseas and international Chinese students who wish to stay in Taiwan for work.

Candidates must register via the online registration form: For group registrations of 10 or more people, each person will receive a 10% discount.

For more information, please visit the Education Division website ( For all enquiries, please contact the Education Division at 03-2162 3228, 03-2161 4439 ext. 178 or by email at [email protected]