Brian J. O’Hare

The WE The Department of State selected a university in Hawaii to the Mānoa alumnus for a prestigious scholarship to teach English in Jordan. Brian J. O’Hare received his Masters of Social Work in May 2022 from the Thompson School of Social Work & Public Health and was one of 200 WE citizens chosen for the English Language Scholarship Program 2022-2023. The first opportunity is for experienced English teachers to speakers of other languages ​​(TESOL) to implement meaningful and lasting change globally in more than 80 countries.

Fellows work directly with local teachers, students, and education professionals to deliver challenging projects. The selected fellows represent the best of WE TESOL community.

During his 10-month fellowship project in Jordan at UNESCO Petra World Heritage Site, O’Hare will teach English, train teachers and develop a special direct service project with marginalized groups in the town of Wadi Musa. Drawing on past expertise and newly acquired knowledge and skills from her social work background, O’Hare hopes to work with university students and tour guides to help them find practical solutions to their economic needs through the use of cultural resource management tools.

“The English language is the vehicle for engagement in this particular context, but scholarship is much more nuanced than just teaching,” O’Hare said. “Scholars are cultural ambassadors and contribute to efforts to foster mutual understanding between nations by focusing on educational exchanges and economic development. A large part of the scholarship is to create programs that focus on the inclusion of marginalized populations and improve the livelihoods of individuals and families while protecting human rights by prioritizing safety and security. dignity.

O’Hare has extensive experience teaching, mentoring and training students and teachers in the WE and abroad. Between August 2020 and May 2022, O’Hare studied at Thompson School’s MSW program of the Department of Social Work.

“Pursuing a degree in social work was a natural progression from previous research I had done with immigrants and refugees in the United States. I am grateful for the clinical skills I have acquired through the MSW program regarding psychosocial well-being and social development, particularly with regards to assessments, assessments and interventions,” said O’Hare. .

O’Hare earned a master’s degree in curriculum development and instructional technology with a specialization in language education from SUNY Albany, and a doctorate in applied anthropology from Teachers College, Columbia University.

The English Language Fellow program is sponsored by the WE Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. O’Hare’s selection was announced on July 22, 2022.