Taipei, April 12 (CNA) The Ministry of National Defense (DND) has released a civil defense manual aimed at teaching Taiwanese how to seek refuge in major national emergencies, including military conflict, in order to be better prepared for various eventualities.

The 28-page manual in Chinese contains QR codes that users must scan to access directions on where to go and what to do in a major emergency, said Liu Tai-yi (劉泰益), a Defense Mobilization official MND total. Agency, during a press conference on Tuesday.

The brochure outlines safety measures for civilians during an air raid, major fire, building collapse, major power outage, water shortage or water shortage. of essential goods and offers basic survival skills and an emergency hotline that people can call, Liu said.

It also contains a section on combat readiness and mobilization of reserve forces in times of war that provides a general guide on where reservists should report to if war breaks out, he said.

The Ministry of National Defense said it had been working on the project since last year and had taken into consideration information from similar manuals published by the Swedish and Japanese governments and contributions from academics, governments and organizations. local experts.

The manual is released amid concerns about China’s intentions towards Taiwan and the possibility that it could ignite conflict across the Taiwan Strait.

It can be downloaded from the ministry’s website.

(By Joseph Yeh)

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