The Needham Exchange Club has recognized Steven Qie of Needham High School as its Youth of the Month. Steven is an outstanding student and has also been involved in large-scale community service earning him a National President’s Award for Voluntary Service in each of the past three years. He also earned the “Outstanding Teacher” award as a volunteer at Newton Chinese Language School.

Steven helped develop an academic support program for elementary and middle school students, raised money for a rural elementary school in China, and started a GoFundMe page to purchase emergency alarms for vulnerable seniors in the Boston’s Chinatown. He volunteered at Park and Rec and was active in several NHS clubs, in particular as co-chairman of the Rubik’s Cube Club, where he set a personal best of 8 seconds for solving a Rubik’s Cube puzzle.

The Needham Exchange Club offers recognition to four highly accomplished high school graduates through its Youth of the Month and Youth of the Year programs. Additionally, its scholarship program provides recognition and financial assistance to senior graduates. Of these, one will be chosen as the Club’s Youth of the Year and will participate in the New England District’s Youth of the Year program (the winner of which will represent the District in the National Youth of the Year National Exchange Club).