Job : January 20, 2022

Spotlight on APS Schools During Choice Week

National School Choice Week runs from January 23-29

National School Choice Week is a time to brag about APS schools, teachers, staff and, of course, students. There is a lot of fantastic and innovative learning in our schools, so why not honk your horn. If choices are what families seek, no state education system offers more than APS.

As APS Superintendent Scott Elder said, “Children learn differently because they are different. Their performance in class and at school is strongly influenced by their family life, their history, their ethnic origin, their mother tongue, their disabilities, their orientation, their attitudes. To provide them with the education they deserve, we need to celebrate their individuality and make sure they know they are being heard. It is when we open our ears, our eyes, our minds and our hearts that we do our best.

We must also give them choices.

One of the benefits of being a large urban-suburban-rural school district is our ability to offer so many choices, from traditional neighborhood schools to small magnet schools with focused areas of study. And at all of our schools, there are programs, activities, courses, pathways and support systems designed to meet the needs of a diverse, curious and impressionable student body.”

APS choice

Neighborhood schools

Most APS students attend schools near their homes. Find your school

Magnetic schools

APS has more than a dozen magnet schools that focus on specific themes such as math, science, technology, or fine arts. Find out more about APS magnetic schools

Charter schools

The APS licenses over 30 charter schools which are public schools that operate independently. Learn More About APS Charter Schools

Choice checks: we can do it!

Albuquerque Public Schools are the right choice for endless opportunities. During the 2021-2022 school year, APS is highlighting some of our many programs through a monthly feature called Choice Checks. The APS Choice Checks webpage, along with the 2021-2022 wall calendar distributed to families and District employees, showcases just a few of the many educational opportunities we provide for students – from dual language and dual credit, to professional and academic learning, college readiness, and marketable vocational skills, fine arts, and competitive sports. Learn more about APS Choice checks