GREAT BARRINGTON, Mass. — Curiosity Camp at Simon’s Rock is a two-week exploration of college life and learning designed for students currently graduating from grades 9, 10, and 11.

The camp will take place at the Simon’s Rock campus from July 10-23, 2022. Students can register for Curiosity Camp here.

Curiosity Camp at Simon’s Rock is open to students interested in exploring their academic and creative interests in a college environment as they currently complete 9th, 10th, or 11th grade. Students will participate daily in the Simon’s Rock writing and reflection workshop as well as a seminar. , and arts and science courses to experience academic offerings. The program’s 30-student cohort allows for small class sizes where students and faculty can collaborate and engage in discourse at this college summer camp.

Students will have the opportunity to take advantage of this summer camp in the Berkshires on the 275-acre wooded campus of Simon’s Rock, the Kilpatrick Athletic Center, nearby Great Barrington town center and planned excursions to cultural attractions in nearby in the Berkshires.

“Our students were deeply engaged in the material presented, and this immersive experience allowed them to carry on the classroom conversations in the dorms and the dining hall – exactly what one would expect from a college experience. Teaching at Curiosity Camp was great fun because the students were so engaged and creative,” said Hannah Zipple, guest instructor at Curiosity Camp and dean of students at Bard High School Early College in Cleveland. perfect setting for summer learning. Students can spend time together walking around campus, visiting the library, and using the sports center. The small cohort helps our students form a real sense of community, allowing for fun and connection at organized events and spontaneous activities. I can’t wait to come back this summer.”