Schools brace for teacher strikes over post-COVID pay and benefits

  • Educators navigate health protocols, staffing shortages, and student academic challenges. Many also feel disrespected.
  • One in three teachers say they have been verbally harassed or threatened by a student.
  • But the strikes are interrupting in-person teaching at a time when students have already missed out on extraordinary amounts.

In January, Minneapolis public school students stayed home for two weeks as the omicron COVID-19 variant increased and schools closed. This month, schools closed for another two weeks – and still counting – due to a teachers’ strike.

Minneapolis teachers continued their strike on Saturday, picketing for better pay and benefits, smaller class sizes and more mental health services for students. They are not alone. From Minneapolis to Illinois to California, teachers’ unions are either actively striking or preparing to have their members quit their jobs over many of the same demands.

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