Pupils are returning to Victorian classrooms at the end of January after COVID-19 forced many children to experience up to 18 months of interrupted and remote learning.

The Victorian government has released its back-to-school plan, which includes the delivery of more than 14 million rapid antigen tests to primary and secondary schools.

Premier Daniel Andrews says all measures will be taken to protect staff and students from COVID19.

“Features of returning schools will be rapid antigen testing twice a week. This surveillance test is about finding cases, not necessarily all cases, which would be next to impossible given the amount of transmission in the community, but it’s about finding as many cases as we can and closing those chains of transmission. »

Andrews adds that distance learning will only be used as a last resort.

“It will be difficult, not everything will turn out exactly as we hoped, that is the nature of this virus. There is no perfect answer. But thanks to hard work and good will, I am absolutely convinced that we will get our children back and keep them there and keep them safe, as safe as possible.”

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