Today’s highlighted offer goes through our Online course part of the Shop Neowin Dealswhere you can save 98% on this Better Business Professional Skills Pack. Improve yourself as a business professional with eight courses on communication, time management and more!

This contract includes the following courses:

  1. Body Language Fundamentals: Improving Nonverbal Communication
    Better interpret the body language of others and control your own body language
  2. Effective communication
    Improve your communication skills and foster a positive exchange between individuals
  3. Personal and Professional Networking Skills: Maximize Your Success
    Learn the powerful networking tools that can propel you to the top, fast!
  4. The essentials of leadership and management
    Strategies to transform any team to be the most successful
  5. Team Building: How to Build a Rock Star Team
    Create a culture of high performance and innovation in your team
  6. Basic to advanced interpersonal skills
    Develop your interpersonal skills to improve your relationships
  7. Time management and goal planning: the productivity combo
    Learn practical management strategies to get more work done in half the time
  8. Developing emotional intelligence in a team
    Communicate and work better while being part of a small or large team

Here’s the deal

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Get a Better Business Professional Skills Set for $29.99

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