KAREN VIBERT-KENNEDY Thaddeus Stevens Elementary School, above, which currently has around 250 students and 34 professional and support staff, will close from June 30.

At its meeting this week, the Williamsport Area School Board agreed to seek a local real estate agency to list and sell Stevens Elementary School.

Earlier this year, the board agreed to close the nearly 100-year-old building and move students enrolled there to other schools in the district.

A district resident with grandchildren in the district asked why some former Stevens students attend schools not necessarily closest to home.

Superintendent Dr. Timothy Bowers explained that such decisions are more about balancing enrollment at different schools.

In other areas, Bowers reported that many people have recently been hired for vacant positions in the district, but other positions still need to be filled.

“We encourage people to apply” he said.

Bowers congratulated high school graduates on completing their education in the district.

He thanked everyone who helped plan the graduation ceremony held earlier this month.

The board took action on a variety of personnel issues.

The following resignations were approved: Dana R. Synoski, school trustee, Curtin Middle School; Kathleen A. Musheno, Speech Language Pathologist, Cochran Elementary School; and Kathy M. Shirey, Administrative Support, Secondary School.

The following personnel have been approved for the positions:

• Alexis M. Parker, Temporary Special Education Teacher, Lycoming Valley Intermediate School, $53,633.

• Amber C. Roatche, temporary English and language arts teacher, Williamsport Middle School, $56,757.

• Elizabeth I. Grassmyer, sitter, $37,980.

• Jordyn L. Gehr, long-term occasional teacher, $53,633.

• Kellie Mantle, Food Services Attendant, $12 per hour.

• Shelly L. McKernan, Alternate Administrative Assistant/Support, $12 per hour.

The board also approved:

• Manuals for different schools.

• A two-year agreement with West Branch Drug & Alcohol for student assistance programs.

• The purchase of 25 Mac Minis from Apple, Inc at $649 each.

• The purchase of the ClassLink license renewal for the upcoming school year for $16,722.

• The purchase of Microsoft 365 licenses and support from IU13, Lancaster for $82,743.

• A revised 36-month agreement with Trebon Security, LLC. Strasbourg, for antivirus, endpoint protection and security for $39,613.

• A one-year, $13,851 agreement with Frontline Technologies to provide employee absence management services

• The addition of a full-time auxiliary position at the secondary school instead of filling three vacant part-time positions.

• The addition of a full-time intervention specialist at Williamsport Middle School to replace three vacant part-time positions.

• An agreement with Larson Design Group on an hourly basis to review and develop sketches for the Instructional Media Center property.

The board met in executive session to consider personnel and legal matters.

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