The revised promotion policy 2020-21 has been extended for grades 9 and 11 in public and private schools for the current academic session, given the “exceptional circumstances” due to the Covid-19 pandemic. The order issued by Director of Education Himanshu Gupta states that in view of the assessment system issued by the CBSE, necessary changes have been made.

The order reads: “In view of the exceptional circumstances of the Covid-19 pandemic, the revised 2020-21 promotion policy is also extended for the 2021-22 academic session.”

All schools to comply

All public, government aided and recognized unaided or private schools have been told by the department to follow the guidelines.

The order further informed that if a private school wishes to have a separate criterion, they can seek prior approval from the Director of Education before the results are released.

Student assessment criteria

According to the policy, student scores in the midterm test (term-1), annual exam (term-2) and internal assessment, project, practice or all together will be used to determine their promotion or upgrade to the next higher class.

For each of the five main subjects, the pass mark will be 33%, ie a candidate who has obtained 33 points or more out of 100 points will pass.

Awarding marks of grace

The promotion policy further states, “A maximum of 15 grace points will be awarded to a student for achieving the required minimum of 33% marks in one or more subjects solely for promotion to the next higher class.”

“In the event that a pupil does not obtain 33% of points in a language, i.e. Language-1 or Language-2 in class 9, the third language chosen and qualified (obtained at 33% and more ) by the pupil will replace either Language-1 or Language-2 only for promotion to the next higher grade,” he added.

Other policy details

Under the policy, it is mandatory for a student to qualify in their chosen additional subject before taking the CBSE board exams for grades 10 and 12.

He further clarified that a student’s choice of subjects from Classroom 9 Skills Course will not substitute for any elective subjects such as Mathematics, Natural Science, Social Science, Music, Home Science and Painting.

Schools that held mixed-mode exams for semester 2 are allowed to calculate the result based on the grades obtained by the students.

Compartment review

If a student was unable to take their 1st or 2nd semester exams for any reason or if they score less than 33%, they can take their exam at the “compartment exam” to be held offline March 31.

The basis for the conduct of the compartment exams will be the syllabus, the design of the questionnaires and the weighting of marks for the annual exams (term-2).

Compartment exam results will be announced based on a conversion of the student’s compartment exam scores plus scores from internal assessments, projects, and practicals, or all combined.

“For grade conversion, maximum grades and grades achieved in compartment exams will be doubled,” the guidelines state.

The student must obtain a mark of 33% in the subject for which he passed the examination of the compartment.

He said candidates would not receive any grace marks when determining the result of the compartment test.

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