Putin’s war in Ukraine leads to increased sex trafficking of women and children

Women and children fleeing war zones in Ukraine find themselves vulnerable, often in foreign countries where traffickers can exploit them.

  • According to experts, illegal sex trafficking of women and children in and around Ukraine has exploded.
  • The sex trafficking of Ukrainians is not new, but victims are now being exploited all over the world.
  • No one knows the extent of the problem due to lax controls on people fleeing Ukraine.

Marielle Combs, a nurse instructor from North Carolina, watched the buses full of women and children cross the border Ukrainian port city of Odessa in neighboring Moldova.

Emerging into the freezing cold and snow, many expressed their relief and gratitude to have come out of the war zone alive. But Combs, a humanitarian volunteer trained to spot the often hidden threat of sex traffickingknew that for many of them, their perilous journey had only just begun.