NINGBO, CHINA–(BUSINESS WIRE)–The University of Nottingham Ningbo China (UNNC) has officially launched its “V-ROOM”. The first interactive learning lab created by the university, the lab aims to create a more interactive and engaging teaching environment through cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) technology while strengthening students’ situational and long-term learning abilities. memory formation.

V-ROOM lab has complete equipment that supports and enables a number of advanced virtual reality experiences such as large free-walking space, human-computer interaction, multi-person time-lapse interaction real, 360 degree panoramic virtual classrooms as well as other reality experiences. Key to opening the door to digital learning, the UNNC believes that technology should not determine pedagogy but extend it significantly.

As a landmark project for the digital transformation of teaching and learning at UNNC, the V-ROOM Lab underscores the university’s commitment to developing future student skills and enhancing the experience student learning.

Dr. Sannia Mareta, Lab Manager, said, “The V-ROOM Lab allows students to collaborate and explore with each other in an immersive environment, breaking down the barriers of time and space and truly learn by experimenting. The lab has created more than ten VR/AR pilot learning programs to date, including aircraft surveys, language learning, automated warehouse management and others. It has been found that in virtual reality scenarios, students are able to learn more actively, create deeper understanding and remember for longer periods of time, with simulated operations, allowing them to truly grasp concepts studies and consolidate deep long-term memories about the object.

With the current generation of students born largely in the “information age” and considered “digital natives,” UNNC examined what the future of learning looks like and how best to to provide an excellent teaching and learning experience for students. By embracing the VR trend and redefining teaching and learning, UNNC is leading the way in the digital transformation of education.