The WCU Cooper School of Missions and Ministry recently sent seven students to Amman, Jordan for their cross-cultural field experience. The trip provides ministry students with a rich and in-depth cultural experience that introduces missiological principles and methods necessary for effective communication in a cross-cultural setting.

During their trip, the students spent time exploring the local Jordanian community and attending lectures on Amman’s history, architecture, and development. They visited the Arabic language school, Consortium for Global Education (CGE) Jordan, and spent time interacting in the native language and working with Syrian refugees.

The students spent the evening of their first night in the Wadi Rum desert, ending with a hike to see hundreds of shooting stars in the desert sky. The next morning they had a unique opportunity to see one of the Seven Wonders of the World – the ancient city of Petra.

In Petra, the students encountered the Bedouin people, believed to be descendants of the Canaanites. The students rode camels through Petra as a few people from the Nabataean tribe shared stories of their lives.

As the journey progressed, the students traveled to the lowest point on earth, the Dead Sea. They visited the site of the Roman ruins of Jerash, a city of commerce and transportation during Greco-Roman times, the Citadel of Amman, where Uriah the Hittite was sent by King David to front the battle lines , and Mount Nebo, where Moses overlooked the Promised Land.

The experience students receive from these exposure trips is immeasurable. The Cooper School has established a unique partnership with CGE Jordan. Our students begin their study of Arabic at William Carey University and then travel to Amman, where they complete their language studies in the heart of the Middle Eastern city.

With this program, The Cooper School prepares its students to serve both locally and globally, while giving them the tools to achieve their professional goals. With every lecture, course, and program, we equip students to expect great things from God and to attempt great things in His name.