Guess he should be glad he didn’t order a screwdriver off the rocks. This lunch could have been dangerous.

Before laughing till we cried watching the viral TikTok below. Let’s not be too hard on the server Buffalo Wild Wings. We’ve all had those times when we screw up. Sometimes we are very wrong. Earlier this week, a group of friends were eating at a Michigan Buffalo Wild Wings when a 22-year-old customer ordered a screwdriver. The customer and his friends were both surprised and giggling when the young waitress brought him a flathead screwdriver. He clearly meant the popular drink which is a mixture of vodka and orange juice. After the video of the incident went viral on TikTok, the server commented on it.

Warning: The TikTok video below contains foul language.

The video has been viewed over 2.6 million times in just 4 days. One of the people who saw this video is the server herself. She passes v3rticalchall3ng3d on the popular social media app. The server left this comment on the video,

holy moly, it’s me!!! Yeah, I really didn’t know why they wanted a screwdriver, but I found one!! Turns out it wasn’t a real screwdriver….😳

Luckily, the waiter is taking this viral moment head on and not taking himself too seriously. It’s obvious by the video response that she mocked herself for the “shit.”

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