In Florida public schools, the statewide Grade 10 English Language Arts Assessment has been a crucial exam—children must pass it to graduate with a standard high school diploma.

But spring 2022 exam results show that less than half of Florida’s 10th graders have passed the ELA exam, which is troubling as students will be one step closer to entering the workforce or university.

Will they be able to read and write well?

Overall, 49% of 10th graders achieved a passing grade of at least 3 on the spring ELA exam. A total of 202,900 10th graders took the exam, according to data from the Florida Department of Education.

This is based on a score of 3 or more, which the department considers “satisfactory – may need additional support for next year/course”.

Worse still, ELA results drop in 2022. In spring 2021, out of 186,374 students, 51% of 10th graders passed the ELA.

In addition, passing the exam does not mean that students are fluent in reading and writing. It takes a score of 4 or 5 to show that students are proficient on the ELA exam.

According to state data, only about 28% of 10th graders who took the spring ELA in 2022 scored 4 or 5, meaning they were “proficient” or had a ” mastery” of concepts on the Grade 10 English exam.

The 10e The ELA grade exam assesses skills related to English grammar and other conventions, reading, and writing.

That means analyzing how word choice or phrasing may affect texts, understanding English grammar and spelling, and reading passages to assess arguments, according to Florida Department of Education documents.

There is also a writing part of the ELA.

The exam challenges 10e reviewers to “draw relevant evidence from a variety of texts to support a claim or central idea and produce clear, coherent writing with development, organization, and style appropriate to the task, purpose, and audience,” among other measures .

Of Florida County’s 67 school districts, the St. John’s County School District in northeast Florida on the Atlantic Coast had the highest percentage of students passing the 10th grade ELA. grade, with 71% of students achieving a 3 or above. .

The school district with the lowest percentage of passing ELA scores in 2022 was Jefferson County, located in northern Florida, with just 15% of 10th graders passing the exam.

Spring 2022 was the last time the FSA was issued for statewide math and English exams. The next set of exams will be conducted under the state’s new progress-tracking exam system called the Florida Assessment of Student Thinking, or FAST for short.

In this new testing system, there will be three exams throughout the 2022-23 school year. Two of them are considered diagnostic exams to see how students are progressing. The third exam is the end-of-year cumulative and comprehensive assessment for reading and math, and this will be the exam that will be used for graduation requirements.