The Comox Valley German Language School is a not-for-profit corporation that has been providing German lessons for school-aged children in an after-school setting since 2015.

The school offers German lessons for school-aged children with or without prior knowledge of the language, and promotes German culture in a fun and educational setting during the school year (September to June).

Over the years, the school has grown to offer German to students in the junior and senior classes. As the new school year approaches, the Comox Valley German Language School hopes to expand the program again.

Classes once a week during the school year include speaking, listening, reading, writing, games and cultural events such as the traditional Lantern Festival and German Christmas traditions. Senior students can strive for external high school credit through accredited German language proficiency exams.

Any student wishing to improve their German language skills, as well as educators interested in teaching, are encouraged to get in touch at [email protected] and visit

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