Weeks believes that students learn best when they know what to expect and are able to feel comfortable in their environment. The time and attention to detail shared at the start of each school year sets a clear expectation for the class. In doing so, Weeks has seen an increase in learning and an overall smoother transition from her students.

“Instilling standards in my students can teach them about responsibility, time management, and accountability,” Weeks said. “These are all important life skills that will improve their overall quality of life.”

“Lauren was voted by her colleagues as the 2021 ‘Teacher of the Year’ for the Kansas City International Academy,” Weeks nominee Monica Smith said. “When she heard about the transportation difficulties of a student’s family, she raised enough funds to buy the student a bike, provide some basic family needs like bedding, and even toys. When another student talked about a health issue and her dream of playing soccer, Lauren was able to put her in touch with the Kansas City women’s soccer team to join a flag soccer team through of the Chiefs. She even went above and beyond by personally taking him to practices and games for seven weeks!

“As Lauren’s nominator noted, her excellence extends far beyond the classroom walls,” said Jenny Housley, Senior Vice President and Chief Revenue Officer of Blue KC. “It takes a special, passionate teacher to show the kind of love and support to her students on a recurring basis, but Lauren ticks all of those boxes. His unwavering support, in all aspects of their lives, is a truly inspiring feature. We are proud to help highlight his tremendous achievements.

The Blue KC Sporting Samaritans will continue to be recognized monthly at Children’s Mercy Park during Sporting home games. Fans are encouraged to nominate teachers and students who are having a positive impact on their schools and communities using the online form at https://www.sportingkc.com/BlueKC.