Ranchi: The state education department has introduced a new learning system called “Mother Tongue Based Multilingual Education (MTBMLE)’ as a pilot project for some primary school students in grades I-V who are studying in public schools.
Students will learn in their local languages ​​including Ho, Santhali, Kurukh, Mundari and Khariya.
The Jharkhand Education Project Council developed the program to help primary school students, who know their local languages ​​better and have limited knowledge of other languages, including Hindi.
Under the pilot project, 250 schools are selected in West Singhbhum, SahibganjLohardaga, Khunti, Simdega and Gumla, in which students will learn using study materials created in five languages ​​according to the primary language of that district.
At West Singhbhum, students will learn in Ho and Hindi; in Sahibganj, Santhali and Hindi; in Lohardaga, Kurukh; in Khunti, Mundari and in Gumla and Simdega, Khariya was chosen.
“In our state, the language taught in schools and the local language of the majority of children are not the same. Therefore, if they learn in their local language in addition to Hindi and English, it will help them learn better. To facilitate this process, we have developed the MTBMLE course in which students and teachers will receive study materials in their mother tongue along with Hindi,” said Kiran Pasithe board director.
The council also developed the study materials for the teachers as not all teachers are familiar with tribal languages, Pasi added.
“At the elementary level, the students are less experienced with Hindi and English and are reluctant to ask questions if they do not understand what has been taught. We encountered problems during the teaching because they do not know the language taught in the school. The course in tribal languages ​​will facilitate students’ learning and growth by creating a home environment for them,” said Bhagwan Chandra Dixit, a teacher at Tilsiri Government College in Gumla.


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