Continuing its initiatives to help journalists interested in promoting diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) in newsrooms and journalism in Latin America, the Knight Center for Journalism in the Americas will host the Second Latin American Conference on Diversity in Journalism. The DEI program is sponsored by the Google News Initiative.

Registration for the conference, which will be held virtually and in Spanish, is free. register today for the event, which will take place on September 9 and 10.

“We see a lot of changes happening in Latin America – politically, socially, economically – and it’s important to promote diversity, equity and inclusion in what we do,” said Mariana Alvarado, coordinator of the Mexican conference and journalist. “Latin America is extremely diverse and we must work to make journalism more equitable, fairer and representative of all the communities that make up Latin America.”

Alvarado said that this conference “seeks to give continuity to the conversation that we had to promote the issue of diversity in Latin America”.

The first Latin American Conference on Diversity in Journalism was held in March 2021. It attracted more than 2,000 Latin American journalists and focused on four topics: gender perspective, sexual orientation, racial issues and ethnicity and disability.

In September, the conversation will go deeper into DCI, with panels and presentations on Indigenous and Afro-descendant populations in Latin America; sexual diversity; migration; and new stories, media and initiatives that promote DEI in Latin American journalism.

Alvarado said there was a lack of understanding and coverage of these topics in the media, but great interest in learning more.

The topics of the panels for the Second Latin American Conference on Diversity in Journalism have been shaped by feedback the Knight Center has received from participants in various DEI courses, surveys and training sessions the Center has conducted with the Google News Initiative since early 2021, Alvarado said.

“We adapt the topics to the needs that we have detected in the year and a half that we have been working on the initiative to promote diversity, both in news coverage and in Latin American newsrooms,” he said. she explains.

“We are grateful for the generous support of the Google News Initiative for this Knight Center program to promote diversity, equity and inclusion among journalists and media in Latin America. GNI and its Latin America Manager, Juan Manuel Lucero, have been an inspiration and we are already seeing the impact of this program in the region,” said Professor Rosental Alves, Founder and Director of the Knight Center. “We were also very fortunate to have Mariana Alvarado and other Latin American journalists so dedicated to our courses, publications and this conference.”

The Second Latin American Conference on Diversity in Journalism is open to all journalists and broadcasters interested in promoting diversity in newsrooms and news coverage. Registration is free and participants will be able to request a certificate of attendance, provided they attend all four main sessions of the conference.

This second conference is part of a long series of activities by the Knight Center and the Google News Initiative aimed at encouraging the dissemination and awareness of DEI in Latin American journalism.

It started with the MOOC, “Diversity in the News and in the Newsroom,” taught by Peruvian journalist Marco Avilés in January 2021. Nearly 2,000 people from Latin America have taken this Spanish course and it is now available as a a self-directed course and can be taken anytime, from anywhere in the world.

Then the First Latin American Conference on Diversity in Journalism was held in Spanish from March 26-27, 2021. All video recordings of the conference are available on YouTube.

On July 17, 2021, the Knight Center announced the publication of the e-book “Diversity in Latin American Journalism.” It features articles by 16 journalists from seven countries on how to make newsrooms and news coverage more inclusive. The ebook, which is in Spanish, can be downloaded for free from

After the e-book was published, the Knight Center surveyed more than 400 Latin American journalists, editors, media executives, and journalism students and professors from 15 countries on diversity topics for newsrooms in order to prepare a second online course on Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI).

The second online course, “How to Promote Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) in Latin American Journalism”,took place in Spanish in February and March of this year. It attracted more than 500 participants from 30 countries and is now available as a self-directed course. It can be taken at any time for free (no registration required).

In addition to this online course, Alvarado and the instructors held DEI training sessions with newsrooms in Peru, Colombia, Mexico, and Argentina.

And now the Second Latin American Conference on Diversity in Journalism will continue this work.

“Latin America has made progress in its newsrooms in terms of addressing these issues and including them in its news coverage,” Alvarado said. “But we see there is still a great need to continue to include or continue to promote this agenda.”