We plan to feature a class from grades 2-7 each month of the school year. If you would like your class to be considered, ask your teacher to download our questionnaire at wapo.st/ClassofKidsPost2021, have students fill it out and send it, along with a class photo, to [email protected] . Selected classes receive a KidsPost Chesapeake Bay or Journey to Space poster, a KidsPost pencil for each student, and a selection of books. Teachers interested in learning more about KidsPost can sign up for our weekly email newsletter at wapo.st/kidspostteachers.

Favorite author and favorite book: These students are huge Harry Potter fans. Ten said JK Rowling was their favorite author and nine chose one of the books in the series as their top pick. (“Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire” got the most votes, with three.) Jules Verne, a French writer from the 1800s, came in second with five votes. Her novel “Around the World in 80 Days” got four votes. Other favorite authors include Serena Valentino, Makoto Shinkai, and Chris Colfer.

Favorite singer or musician: Rap is the most popular music among fifth graders. French rappers Ninho and Soprano got four votes each, and XXXTentacion got two. Other favorite musicians include Billie Eilish, Ed Sheeran and Norwegian singer Aurora.

Favorite animal: Cats and dogs were almost the only animals mentioned in this popularity contest. The dogs won, 13 to 10 votes, because they are “smart”, “friendly”, “cute” and “love to play”, the students said. Rabbits were a distant third with two voices.

Favorite sport (gambling) or hobby: These kids love to dance. Five chose it as their favorite pastime. Football and cooking/baking tied for second place with three votes each. Sports with two voices included gymnastics, equestrian, basketball and badminton.

Place you would like to visit but don’t have: Canada was the destination with the most votes. But if we add the votes for New York and those for “USA”, the United States would share first place. The Maldives, a group of islands in the Indian Ocean, followed with three votes.

Foods you could eat every day of your life: Noodles took a narrow victory in this category with three votes. Burgers, donuts, pancakes, tacos, pizza, coconut and raclette, a dish of Swiss cheese served melted with boiled potatoes and often ham, tiny pickles and baby onions, were tied for second place.

Work or profession when you grow up: These seventh graders came up with more than a dozen interesting professions. Those who received two votes were a veterinarian, a baker, a footballer, an architect, a trader and a doctor.

Global problem you would solve: Racism and bullying were the issues these students would most like to tackle. They received six votes each. Three students each mentioned working to end animal abuse and covid-19.

Person, living or dead, that you most admire: Mom was clearly the favorite. Eight children chose their mother because she is “strong”, “beautiful”, “kind” and “always there for me”. Other most admired people include actress Elizabeth Gillies, activist Nelson Mandela and dancer Marie-Claude Pietragalla.