Progress is the key. Old 19 children and counting Star Joy Anna Forsyth (née Duggar) has revealed her son, Gideon Forsyth, was “a little behind” with his learning abilities and took him to a professional to test his skills.

“We went ahead and scheduled a test for Gideon,” Joy, 24, said in a video, which she uploaded to their family Youtube channel, FollowtheForsyths, on Saturday, February 19. I feel like he’s a little late.

The former reality TV star admitted that “it’s not great comparing him to other kids”.

“I also know he’s 3 years old and I don’t want to, like, have too high expectations, but I just want for my peace of mind and for him to go and get him checked out,” Joy added, after mentioned she noticed he didn’t “speak so well”.

the counting on alum went on to explain that she was taking her 3-year-old to a family friend who does cognitive screenings for children.

“I know my sister Jessa took her son Henry to get tested about a year and a half ago,” Joy pointed out. “He was a little late, but they took him in a year later and she had used all the different advice that our friend told her to do, and he was, like, early, [and] we’re doing well.”

Courtesy of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth/YouTube

After getting Gideon ready for the day, Joy— Jim Bob and Michelle Dugarthe ninth child of – brought him to the scene and recorded the learning exercises he was tested on. The instructor then gave Joy an overview of the youngster’s results, explaining that he was “doing really well with [language]but his receptive language “needs to be sharpened a little.”

The two also discussed helpful hands-on ideas Joy can do with Gideon at home, including coloring different designs and practicing how he uses scissors.

Joy-Anna Duggar reveals Son Gideon's learning difficulties:
Courtesy of Joy-Anna Duggar and Austin Forsyth/YouTube

Joy previously opened up about how she was homeschooling Gideon and her one-year-old daughter, Evelyn, in December 2021.

“We normally sing the alphabet song, say our numbers, shapes and colors,” Joy wrote on an Instagram story at the time. As the older of the two, Gideon looked like an ABC recitation pro. He even “learned his forms very quickly,” the former reality star wrote in a separate caption to the story. Still, she added that he “still struggles a bit” with other forms.

The mother-of-two went on to talk about her family’s goals for 2022, which included herself, her husband Austin Forsyth and their two children.

“We talked a lot about next year’s goals, our plans,” she said via Instagram Stories in December 2021. “What we decided to do next year is at the beginning of each month we’re going to talk about our goals for that month, and I think that will also help us stay more motivated for our long-term goals.

Joy and the extended Duggar family ended the year on a shaky note, as her brother Josh Dugar was tried and convicted of one count of possession of child pornography and one count of receiving child pornography in December 2021, In touch confirmed. His sentencing date is currently scheduled for April 5 at 9:30 a.m., and he is being held at the Washington County Detention Center in Arkansas pending his court date.

In response to her brother’s sentencing, Joy and Austin, 28, released a statement via Instagram Stories in support of the guilty verdict.

“We agree with the justice system’s verdict and are grateful to the men and women who work tirelessly to protect children and help prevent child sexual abuse material,” Joy wrote to the media. ‘era. “We pray for Anne [Duggar] and her children.