MILWAUKEE — Cherise Myers spent much of July preparing for Journey House’s back-to-school supply drive to help students start the year with the right essentials.

What do you want to know

  • Journey House was founded in Milwaukee in 1969
  • The non-profit organization helps with adult education, youth athletics and leadership, workforce development and family engagement
  • It offers ASL classes, US citizenship classes, GED help, and more

“These essentials like notebooks, crayons, glue, crayons, the things they need just to start school,” said Myers, who is director of community partnerships with Journey House.

Myers said the organization is looking to help several hundred students this year.

“We are looking to secure between 200 and 400 backpacks; [that] would be awesome,” Myers said.

Collecting school supplies is just one of the many ways Journey House helps the community.

Journey House is a non-profit organization that has been in Milwaukee since 1969. It has “built and reinvented high performance programs in the Clarke Square neighborhood – from adult education, youth leadership and athletics , THRIVE workforce development and family engagement,” according to Myers.

“We use these four core programs to help us give back to the neighborhood and vital neighborhood resources that are needed,” she added.

These programs run throughout the year. In July it hosted a summer academy for construction and design.

Tucker Sander, 17, is one of the students at this academy. On Wednesday, he worked to clear space for a new development for the plantation.

He has been involved in this program for only six weeks. He learned about it during a presentation at school.

“I was super interested, and it’s paid off, and it’s a lot of fun and a great experience, and probably the most hands-on thing I’ve done all summer,” Sander said.

While he and his friends did more hands-on work, Journey House also offers plenty of educational opportunities.

Veronica Sanchez has taken ESL and US Citizenship classes; her husband took GED classes and her daughter takes dance lessons at Journey House.

She said she was grateful for the opportunities.

“Opportunities are [a] better life, [to be a] a better person and have a better life,” Sanchez said.

And it’s something that Journey House set out to do over 50 years ago and hope to continue in the years to come.

To learn more about Journey House, Click here.

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