We are celebrating a school right here in Bibb County this week. This is Porter Elementary’s second year with Spanish in their special class rotations.

MACON, Ga. — There are plenty of reasons to be excited about a new school year, and one of them is the “School of the Week” segment, where we highlight schools that are making sure that their students excel both in and out of school.

This week we celebrate Porter Elementary in its second year with Spanish in its special class rotations.

Along with Burdell-Hunt Elementary School, it is the only elementary school in the county with a Spanish program.

The teachers and principal at Porter Elementary applaud not only for being the school of the week, but also for the success of the program.

“Since I came here, we’ve had a massive influx of Spanish-speaking families,” Principal Chris Kirby said.

About a third of their students speak Spanish.

“At Porter, at least 35% of students are Hispanic; we have a very diverse class,” said Spanish teacher Mayvet Ranson.

The school’s leadership team saw an opportunity to help English-speaking children attending the school learn a new language while helping Spanish-speaking children develop leadership skills.

“We worked together to come up with a plan. We thought about how to use the funds we have and thought it would be a great way to improve the experience of our Spanish-speaking students, but also everyone’s language. students,” Ranson said.

The Spanish program takes place as a special class, similar to choir, physical education or dance classes.

Ranson began teaching Porter when the program launched. She says it makes the difference they were hoping for.

“All students appreciate the importance of having Spanish here at Porter,” Ranson said.

The school used some of the money from the US bailout to help pay for the Spanish program.

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