A SPECIALIST contractor is being recruited to remove a series of graffiti messages left near a Peebles school.

A number of phrases were spray painted on the pavement between Kingsland Primary and the Neidpath car park, which worried a member of the public.

The posts, which support trans (transgender) rights, include a message of particular offense – “f**k TERFs [trans-exclusive radical feminists]”.

“I’m absolutely not against messages from any type of group, it’s more that they used such foul language outside of a school,” Jenna Woodrow said.

“I just think it’s totally unnecessary and totally inappropriate to be honest.”

Mum-of-two Jenna came across the graffiti on Sunday after parking in the parking lot with her children, partner, mother and grandmother.

She explained that although she has no problem with the act of protest or activism, she does not like that the language used is so close to an elementary school.

She said: “Graffiti is by no means ideal but if they want to get a message across that’s fine but bad language outside of a school I think is very unacceptable .”

Other messages painted on the sidewalk include “trans liberation now”, “end the patriarchy” and “trans rights”.

“His [graffiti] not really portraying the message they want, I don’t think at all,” Jenna added.

“I think it gets the wrong kind of attention instead of the right kind of attention.”

On Saturday April 9, thousands gathered in London to protest the exclusion of trans and non-binary people from the UK government’s proposed ban on conversion therapy.

The UK government recently proposed that conversion therapy should only include lesbian, bisexual and gay people.

The latest proposals have been widely condemned and the government’s LGBT+ conference, Safe To Be Me 2022, has been forced to be canceled after hundreds of organizations withdrew their support following the partial reversal.

The graffiti near Kingsland Primary School was reported to the Scottish Borders Council (SBC).

A spokesman for the local authority told the Peeblesshire News“We are aware of the graffiti and attempts have already been made to remove it.

“A specialist contractor is engaged to remove the remaining graffiti.”