During the month of January, we will feature a quartet of popular college campuses who are here in the beautiful Berkshires. This time we are heading to the north of the country because this school has been an integral part of our community since 1793. Williams College is located just off Route 7 in Williamstown, Massachusetts, just south of the Vermont border, as their specialty is offering graduate programs in art history, liberal arts, and economics.

Currently, there are approximately 2,000 full-time coeducational students enrolled as they begin their education with a variety of courses in arts and humanities, social studies, writing, and math. They are also encouraged to enroll in a course in a foreign language as they will benefit from assimilating as they learn how these groups, societies and cultures interact with each other on a daily basis.

Google Maps/Google Street View

Google Maps/Google Street View

The campus has some of the most pristine greenery as it sits in the north Berkshire makes it an ideal atmosphere for a unique and enriching learning experience. Moreover, the proximity near route 7 and a short hike to The Green Mountain State also adds some incentive. This is also easily accessible in a pair of major northeastern cities located 135 miles west of Boston and 165 miles from my old hometown of New York (The Big Apple).

Williams College has approximately 150 student organizations and statistics show that over 95% of all students participate in an extracurricular activity. 35% participate in sports activities at the university level. They are proud to be associated with the New England Small College Athletic Conference (NESCAC) featuring 32 intercollegiate teams, approximately 25 club teams and a large intramural program. Sports teams have adopted the nickname “Ephs” with a purple cow serving as a mascot.

A reminder: ALL students MUST be fully immunized, masks MUST be worn while inside campus buildings and outside visitors are permitted into the facility on a limited basis and must present proof of vaccination upon entry.

If you are interested in being a part of this academic staple in our backyard, Login to Williams College website by going here.

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