Vladimir Putin went too far in his bombardment of a children’s hospital in Ukraine.

I studied Russian language for two years at UW-Madison and I have two words (spelled phonetically) for Putin: “Touee Vosh”, which my Russian instructor told me is a worse insult than d to call someone a SOB.

It is my hope and prayer that God will deliver the people of Ukraine from Putin and his invading army the same way he treated King Sennacherib’s Assyrian army when he threatened to destroy King Hezekiah and Jerusalem. His army was destroyed by the Angel of Death. Sennacherib escaped, only to be murdered by his own son.

If President Biden really wants to put pressure on Putin and the Russian economy, he should reverse his executive order that limits US domestic oil production, so that we can once again become an oil exporter to Europe and the world. Not only would this further hurt the Russian economy, but it would fight inflation and reduce our gas prices, including the cost of fuel for our supply chain system.

It’s not rocket science, Mr President, it’s just common sense.