Today at American Corner Moroni, American Chargé d’Affaires Amy J. Hyatt awarded a
$8,000 grant to help launch Comoros’ first English-language newspaper. The grant, provided
in the alumni chapter of the Comoros Young African Leaders Initiative (YALI), will support the
Chapter Comorian English newspaper project.

This project will lead to the launch of Comores Positif, an English-language program aimed at young
newspaper which will be distributed free of charge to promote the English language in the Comoros,
provide news for young people in Comoros and around the world, and raise awareness of opportunities for
Comorian youth in education, civic engagement, environmental protection and the economy
development. Comores Positif will target English students and teachers, young professionals,
and other young people interested in reading the news in English.

“The U.S. Embassy is proud to support the launch of Comores Positif and other initiatives to
strengthen the teaching and learning of English in the Comoros. English being the most
language widely spoken around the world, the language of the internet and the global economy, we
believe that helping the people of the Comoros, especially young people, to learn English will open a
wide range of educational and economic opportunities,” said the Hyatt Fellow.

This non-profit project will be led by Mhoudine Soule Antuf under the aegis of
the Comoros YALI Alumni chapter. Antuf is a 2018 YALI Regional Alumnus
Leadership Center in South Africa. He earned a bachelor’s degree in English
Literature from the University of the Comoros. Other YALI alumni will be involved in this project
as editors, correspondents, advisors, guest speakers, organizers and interviewees.

The Comorian English newspaper project was originally proposed by the United States
Embassy Public Diplomacy Small Grants Competition 2021. Public diplomacy 2022
The Small Grants competition is now open for proposals. For more information, see the
program information on the U.S. Embassy website.
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