FORT COLLINS, Colo., March 29, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — Fuerza Firearms Training is proud to offer world-class firearms training in Fort Collins, CO. Fuerza Firearms Training started out as a hobby and quickly evolved into something much more. Their founder, Colin Fitzgerald, is a certified NRA instructor and has range safety officer certifications. As his career progressed he found a passion for teaching which has now escalated into Fuerza firearms training. Instructors are expertly trained and have a passion for training others to use their guns safely. Fuerza Firearms Training believes that if you don’t know how to handle a firearm, there’s no point in owning one. Without proper training, it can be dangerous to own a firearm. So contact Fuerza today to start learning more about gun safety today!

Having partnered with several local ranges, they are able to provide customers with any firearms training they may need. Whether it’s someone trying to get a concealed carry license, someone who wants to learn how to use a gun, or the basics of shotgun management, Fuerza Firearms Training can help. They also offer safety training courses and several other certifications to improve firearms knowledge. Need a refresher course? They have that too. They offer a wide variety of courses to suit all needs and are currently creating a Spanish program for those who would prefer another language of instruction! Their hope is to create a welcoming environment for everyone to learn about weapons and handle them safely.

No matter where your interest in firearms lies, Fuerza Firearms Training has something for everyone. All of their instructors are experts in their field and provide both classroom and live-fire instruction to all students, depending on the objective of the course. They aim to reach anyone who wants to know more about firearms and how to handle them safely.

Their mission statement is: to provide training in the safe handling of firearms and the skills necessary to use them effectively. Fuerza Firearms Training, LLC seeks to break down barriers within communities that have been overlooked in the past for firearms education.

If you’re looking for instruction on firearms of all kinds, Fuerza is for you! Check out their class schedule and book your class today.

Farra Lanzer
[email protected]


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