Archive image of the Regional Hospital of Malaga. / SALAS OF SALVADOR

The alarm was raised in the early hours of Sunday morning when a young Dutchman called the emergency services for help for his friend

A 17-year-old is in critical condition in a Malaga hospital after falling from a third-floor window of a building in the city’s Carretería district in the early hours of Sunday morning. According to SUR sources, he is a young French national who is studying Spanish in Malaga.

The alarm was raised around 5 a.m. when another youngster called for help because his friend was injured. A local police patrol from Malaga was the first to arrive at the scene. The caller met them at the entrance to the apartment and led officers to where his friend was lying badly injured in the courtyard of the building.

Medical professionals stabilized the young man and transferred him to the regional hospital in the city, where he is admitted in critical condition, according to SUR sources. He is a young man of French nationality who is taking a Spanish course in a language school in the city and is staying in an apartment rented to students, located on the third floor of a building on Calle Carretería.

To party

The youngster who called the emergency services, a 17-year-old Dutch national, told officers they were both out partying that night. He said that when they got back to the apartment, he went into the bathroom and then heard a loud bang. He did not find his fellow student in the house and, seeing the open kitchen window, looked outside and saw that he had fallen in the yard.

The youngster told the officers that his friend had been saying all night that he was going to go up to the top floor of the building from the kitchen. This is the main hypothesis on which National Police investigators are working, although others are not ruled out.