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Foreign Policy weekly quiz on international news

This week in FP’s international news quiz: Tensions rise in Taiwan, floods ravage Pakistan and the MTV Video Music Awards go global.

Floods in Pakistan

An aerial photograph of flooded residential areas after heavy monsoon rains in Dera Allah Yar, Pakistan on September 1. FIDA HUSSAIN/AFP via Getty Images

September 2, 2022, 3:36 PM

What the hell happened this week? Test your knowledge with our quiz on international news!

Do you have any comments? E-mail [email protected] to let me know your thoughts.

What the hell happened this week? Test your knowledge with our quiz on international news!

1. On Tuesday, tensions escalated further in the Taiwan Strait after the Taiwanese military sent warning shots about what invading Chinese machine?

A drone

A ship

A helicopter

A jet

With the difficult Taiwan issue as a backdrop, Washington last month passed the CHIPS and Science Act to reduce US reliance on Chinese-produced semiconductors, FP’s Mary Yang reports.

2. Monday marked the International Day Against Nuclear Testing. Which country has carried out the most famous nuclear tests to date?

United States

North Korea



Ukraine’s conflicts in Taiwan have rekindled fears of a nuclear conflict. In May, John Last looked at the state of Cold War-era European bunkers.

3. Pakistan is rocked by massive floods, which affected at least how many people this week?


2 millions

15 million

30 million

Poor governance has deepened the crisis in Pakistan, writes FP’s Michael Kugelman in this week’s South Asia Brief.

4. Who is the Vice President of Argentina, who survived an assassination attempt on Thursday?

Mauricio Macri

Carla Vizzotti

Juan Peron

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Fernández de Kirchner’s life is threatened as Argentina goes through an economic crisis. FP’s Anusha Rathi chronicled the country’s delicate relationship with inflation last month.

5. Tuesday marked one year since the last US troops left which country?





US actions in Afghanistan sealed its fate, writes FP’s Lynne O’Donnell.

6. Who is the outgoing UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, who left office on Wednesday?

Michelle Bachelet

Nada Youssef Al Nashif

Mary Robinson

Navi Pillay

Minutes before his resignation, Bachelet’s office released a long-awaited report on possible crimes against humanity in China’s Xinjiang province, the FP’s Christina Lu wrote in Thursday’s Morning Brief.

7. Sudanese workers in what field voted this week to form the country’s first independent trade union in decades?





In February, Hala al-Karib argued that trade unions and other civil society groups are key to brokering Sudan’s democratic transition.

8. Washington announced a plan late last week to appoint its first-ever ambassador to which region?

the arctic

The Northern Triangle

The Sahel

Indian Ocean

Multinational governance of the Arctic has been upended by Russia’s war in Ukraine, wrote Ingrid Burke Friedman in April.

9. Which musician became the first singer who performs in a language other than English to win Artist of the Year at the MTV Video Music Awards last weekend?

Omar Adam

bad bunny



The Puerto Rican star is known for his trap and reggaeton performances. FP’s Catherine Osborn breaks down reggaeton’s role in world history in this week’s Latin America Brief.

10. Former Soviet leader Mikhail Gorbachev died Tuesday at the age of 91. Which American fast food chain did he advertise for in 1997?


Taco Bell

pizza hut


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Nina Goldman is associate editor at Foreign Police.

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