• By Jonathan Chin / Editor

Taiwanese schools and universities will receive more grants for teaching English under the Bilingual 2030 initiative, the Ministry of Education said in a statement yesterday.

Grants for experimental bilingual classes in high schools are to be expanded to 55 schools, up from 50 schools last year, the department’s K-12 education administration said.

Schools are allowed to apply for grants for the recruitment of English teachers from foreign countries, assistantships, research programs, lectures, classroom facilities and other improvements to the English-speaking environment on campus, the agency said.

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Foreign teachers can work with Taiwanese teachers in teams or advise them in designing English lessons in experimental bilingual classes, he said.

A program to boost the professional development of English language teachers – which the agency planned with the Department of Teacher Education and the Arts last year – will continue this year, he said. , adding that courses would be available at National Taiwan Normal University, National Changhua University of Education, National Kaohsiung Normal University and Ming Chuan University.

Changhua National University of Education also plans to launch a program to design a support system for secondary school teachers involved in experimental bilingual education using on-site observation, discussion and research, it said. -he adds.

The initiative to transform Taiwan into a bilingual nation was launched in 2018 with the aim of increasing the people’s English proficiency and global competitiveness, the Executive Yuan said.

The initiative would involve educational efforts, as well as a nationwide adoption of English as the official language of communication, documentation, regulation, public service and other government business, he said.

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