EIGHT women from around the world, brought together by a businesswoman from Warrington, have shared their stories of resilience in a new book.

Their goal is to make sure people don’t feel alone in times of trauma.
Former teacher, author and positive psychology coach Louisa Herridge, 42, of Paddington, has risen to the top of Amazon’s bestseller charts with ‘From the Ashes: She is ignited’ written in partnership with the mother local Amy Turner.
Louisa, mother of one, already has three best-selling books and a globally sought-after coaching program, which frees women from their past.

She has partnered with eight other female entrepreneurs with the aim of collectively inspiring women with their stories to help female readers find “the fire and light of life”.
Only two years ago, Louisa was depressed, unhappy and feeling stuck, following a violent assault that resulted in complex trauma, PTSD and emotional and psychological exhaustion.
She said, “I had ceased to live.”

After some time, support and coaching, Louisa began to feel a little light go on inside – she knew she had to leave her successful teaching career that was making her miserable and reinvent herself in order to self-heal and find a better life. The new book encourages others to build resilience and show strength in the face of pain or grief.

Local contributor Amy Turner, from Penketh, is a former teacher and now director of her own language school, Lingo Languages. She shares her own powerful story about beating cancer.
Since beating the disease, she has become an avid fundraiser and has raised a considerable sum for the Clatterbridge Cancer Charity, which is close to her heart after being treated there. She also works with other charities.

When she’s not rappelling from a building or jumping out of a plane to raise funds, she loves yoga and is a skilled reiki practitioner.
In the book. she describes her transformation from a stressed and overworked teacher to how surviving cancer inspired her to start her own business.
She said, “When life gave me something out of my control, only then did I stop fearing change.”
Other chapters in the book cover topics such as the science of happiness, overcoming trauma, infertility, anxiety, cancer, unbreakable bonds, time to shine, freedom to be yourself, loss and grief management, meditation, self-indulgence, motherhood, careers, motivation…and so much more.
Louisa added, “One thing that all of the women who have contributed to this book have in common is resilience. Life sometimes throws unexpected horrors at us and the only thing we can do is keep going. Being resilient is often not intentional, it’s something we discover when we have no other choice. Resilient people are strong enough to adapt and change.
Print edition of ‘From the Ashes; She’s On Fire’ can be purchased from Amazon for £10.99. Kindle Edition: £7.99.