Communication Sciences and Disorders students completed 633 hearing screenings for Clyde ISD as part of a departmental service project.

Undergraduate and graduate students completed the required clinical hours while participating and were able to gain practical experience relevant to their field of study. The screenings were supervised by licensed speech therapists who are also part of the ACU CSD faculty.

The exams involve playing sounds at three different Hertz levels in each ear until the participant raises their hand, indicating that they hear the sound. Allison Zitek, senior CSD major at Whitehouse, reflected on the challenges associated with administering tests to children.

“[Working with young kids] was a little harder because sometimes we can fully explain the instructions to them and they still don’t follow them, ”Zitek said. “Sometimes the children understood and sometimes they didn’t.”

The students were also able to experiment with the audiometers traditionally used in hearing screenings and to practice operating the machines before performing the tests under administrative supervision. Lory Chrane, a teacher in the Department of Communication Sciences and Disorders, was one of the registered clinicians who oversaw the screenings.

“Students were not only able to experience driving screenings with a variety of students, but also organizing paperwork and classroom management across grade levels and campus locations.” , said Chrane.

The clinical hours are part of the student’s training and allow him to apply the techniques learned in class to real situations. Once they complete the program, many of them will begin to accumulate more significant hours in higher level positions.

“Our teachers are constantly looking for ways to help us gain real experience,” Zitek said. “We always feel supported and fully prepared to step into the community and participate in activities like this. ”