SHELL LAKE — Colonel Jason Hansberger, son of Shell Lake’s Bruce and Rowie Hansberger, is quick to credit others for his recent promotion to colonel in the U.S. Air Force, a rank only 2% of officers achieve . Nor did he plan to be the pilot of Air Force Two, the plane in which the vice presidents of the United States travel, years after listening to his mentors.

“I was introduced to the Air Force Academy by my 10th grade chemistry teacher when he suggested I consider applying for a job,” Hansberger said. “After a long process, including multiple interviews, I was accepted, but I still had reservations about the commitment needed. I had no experience with the military and assumed that everyone in the ‘Air Force would be like the drill instructor in the movie “Full Metal Jacket. I knew I would never fit in, but my liaison who helped me through the application process told me it wasn’t like that, so I went.

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