(CBS4)- In the new CBS show “come dance with me“Moms and dads take the stage with their talented children. The show features choreography by Cassidy Noblett, and now you have the chance to learn some of her moves right here in Colorado.

“Come Dance with Me” is in collaboration with Groov3, a hip-hop dance workout. Front Range Studios is offering Groov3 classes, and from May 2-8 they will be teaching some of Noblett’s choreography.

“I think grooving is the most intimidating way to approach dance because you’re learning the basics and the technique of a step. But that step only comes alive with your essence and flavor,” says Noblett. “ There’s no right way to dance, it’s about your expression and whatever makes you feel good.

Denver Groov3 instructor Leslie Conzemius says people of all skill levels are welcome and encouraged to attend.

“The Groov3 community is really inviting. Once you walk through the door, you say hello to people, your nerves go right away, and then you get lost in the music. You don’t have to look like anyone else in the room,” says Conzemius. “You end up learning a routine, so by the end of the class you feel like a rock star. Everyone is cheering each other on and there’s so much good energy.

Noblett knows what it’s like to teach dance to people of all skill levels. Each week on “Come Dance with Me” he teaches a routine to young dancers and their untrained parents.

“Some of our parents are social workers, preschool teachers, and engineers, so dance is not a language they speak,” Noblett says. “It’s really exciting because kids lean on their parents all their lives and what we see on this show is that it’s quite the opposite. The role reversal is happening and the parents have to lean on their children to make it through this competition.

“Come Dance with Me” airs Fridays at 7 p.m. on CBS4 and also airs on Paramount+.

For a complete list of Groov3 classes in the metro area, Click here.