Ernst Ma is a Brain Power admissions ambassador who benefited from the enrichment program as a student. He is now studying business at UCLA.
  • Brain Power enrichment programs aim to help the best students become exceptional students.

In just a few years, Ernst Ma went from a high-achieving but overly talkative high school student to a budding entrepreneur, pitching ideas on reducing plastic waste to a Fortune 500 company.

Along with his studies at Upper Canada College (UCC), Ma enrolled in Brain Power, an after-school enrichment program designed by PhD holders.

In January, Brain Power expanded from its home base of Vaughan, Ontario. to a second new location in Hamilton at McMaster Innovation Park. Later this year, the program will move to a larger Hamilton Mountain site for summer programs at Hillfield Strathallan College.

Today, as a Brain Power Admissions Ambassador and a business student at the University of California, Los Angeles, Ma really appreciates the “academic acceleration” he received as a Brain student. Power.

“We are very lucky to live in a country that has phenomenal public education, but even when it’s done perfectly, it still lacks extra value,” Ma said.

The key, Ma said, is to turn excellent students into exceptional students by pushing them to push their limits.

“A big part of what Brain Power does is open those doors. It opens those doors to opportunities that you wouldn’t otherwise experience and trains you on a very personalized level to be successful in those programs.

“I was never a shy kid,” Ma noted. really amazing?”

Ma’s academic background included studying public speaking with Brain Power founder Dr. Karine Rashkovsky.

“I did public speaking with Karine when I was in 10th grade, and two summers after that I presented, on behalf of a startup, to a Fortune 500 company,” Ma said.

“Each Brain Power instructor brings something different, but they know how to take you from the classroom to the real thing.”

New Brain Power students complete an assessment with an Admissions Ambassador to determine their fit for the program.

“We don’t rate kids based on their grade,” Ma noted. “We rate kids based on their skill level. So most of the time our really accelerated students skip two grades, for example, and there’s a conversation with parents and provides areas for future improvement.

Cassandra Chapman, Brain Power leader, associate instructor and admissions ambassador, said enrichment programs are set in smaller classes of around eight to 12 students to maximize individual feedback.

“I know all the students by name and I like to learn something about what they like to do. And they submit weekly assignments, so I have the ability to grade those assignments and return them on time.

“Looking forward, our full-year programs are language arts and math, and we’re also going to be offering a full-year public speaking (program) in Hamilton in the fall. We’re offering that to Vaughan, and it’s really been a hit,” Chapman said.

Brain Power CEO Vanessa Iarocci said Hamilton was chosen as the program’s first expansion site for several reasons.

“A very big part of our value proposition is our doctoral faculty, and we have two really outstanding instructors in that area, so we felt we could deliver that experience properly. There is also an alliance with McMaster University and some of the health sciences and math brains coming out of McMaster.

Iarocci said Brain Power also identified a need in Hamilton for accelerated learning.

“What’s happening in Hamilton is quite interesting in terms of a lot of families moving there and not a lot of education enrichment options yet,” she said.

“We can provide this expedited opportunity. Some of the specialty programs that we’ve developed, language arts and math Olympiad, they take academics, and they take the experience to the next level.

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