Editorial: Health and life trump politics in North Carolina abortion policy

WRAL, Capitol Broadcasting Company, 08/19/2022

Radio-Canada editorial: Friday, August 19, 2022

What did North Carolina learn Wednesday night when federal judge William Osteen Jr. authorized execution the state’s ban on abortions after 20 weeks of pregnancy?

They learned that health and life are not the most important issues for House Speaker Tim Moore and State Senate Leader Phil Berger. For Republicans Berger and Moore, it’s about politics, the fall elections and their machinations to secure a non-veto majority in the General Assembly.

In reaction to Osteen’s unsurprising response decisionMoore mainly attacked Attorney General Josh Stein, a Democrat, who rightly recused himself of personal involvement in the case after he said he opposed previously unconstitutional state law. Shepherd, also took a partisan cudgel. “The Democrats’ stance on abortion can only be described as extreme,” he said.

Democratic Governor Cooper offered a more ad hoc and less belligerent reaction: “The major problem with this ruling is that it will criminalize important health care that is needed in some extraordinary circumstances,” Cooper said. Abortion beyond 20 weeks gestation is exceptionally rare and occurs because of a health emergency or devastating diagnosis. Denying women necessary medical care in extreme and threatening situations, however rare, is fundamentally wrong, and we cannot allow politicians to mislead people about the real implications of this harmful law.

Oh yes, Back the Blue. Uh huh.

New rules on CN election ‘observers’ in the works

Blue NC, scharrison, 08/19/2022

When “acting like an adult” is just too hard for some people:

The North Carolina State Board of Elections on Tuesday unanimously approved temporary rule changes for election observers, many of whom are appointed by political parties to monitor the voting process from inside polling stations. vote.

The move comes in response to county election officers who complained that observers were distracting voters during the May primaries. They shared with the council tales of verbal abuse from observers and instances of observers demanding access to voting machines, filming poll workers, blocking voters from tabulators, and following election officials. pregnant in their cars.

What happened to “do unto others as you would have them do unto you”? ‘Cause I guarantee you if it happened to a Republican voter, they would panic:

“There were several who didn’t know where they could and couldn’t be in the polling place,” Davidson County Executive Andrew Richards told the state Board of Elections recently. “While most were perfectly fine, several demanded to be behind the machines to watch people vote. When told they couldn’t be behind the voting materials, several became argumentative.

Richards added: “Clearer rules rather than just legal language are needed.”

State officials act to curb another dangerous virus threatening North Carolina

NC Policy Watch, Rob Schofield, 08/16/2022

As the global pandemic has reminded us with tragic ferocity in recent years, viruses can, despite our best efforts, be extremely destructive and difficult to contain, especially as our world becomes increasingly crowded and interconnected.

And unfortunately, this is not only true for physical viruses like COVID-19, but also for viruses of the mind. In the age of instant global communication, it’s easier than ever for ideas – even lies and delusional fantasies – to spread like wildfire and do massive damage before they’re exposed. and demystified.

As Eric Thomas, a journalism professor at the University of Kansas, observed in a nice recent try for the Kansas Reflector, the term we most often use to describe this phenomenon – “conspiracy theories” – is almost always a misnomer. To honor, for example, the monstrous lies and illusions of deeply disturbed and dishonest individuals like Alex Jones with such a term, notes Thomas, it is to pervert the English language.

When journalists use the word “theory,” he points out, it implies that there is some plausibility to an idea that readers need to consider and weigh. But, of course, when Jones claimed the Sandy Hook Elementary School massacre was faked, he wasn’t advancing a theory; he was telling a blatant and extremely destructive lie.

U.S. Senate race update: Beasley, Budd tied in new poll

NC Policy Watch, Kirk Ross, 08/19/2022

A new Civitas survey which shows Cheri Beasley and Ted Budd tied is the latest in a series of indications that North Carolina’s U.S. Senate race has reached draw status.

The poll was released Thursday at a briefing by the conservative John Locke Foundation. It showed Beasley and Budd with 42.3% with 12.6% undecided. Libertarian candidate Shannon Bray was 1.9% Green Party candidate Matthew Hoh, in his first poll after being added to the ballot, got 0.8%. The margin of error is 3.9%.

‘A very bold step:’ Buncombe County Commissioner calls on NC teachers to get out

WLOS, Andrew James, 08/18/2022

A Buncombe County commissioner is calling for a walkout for North Carolina teachers as they continue to push for higher salaries.

“I think this is a very bold step to start,” said Commissioner Amanda Edwards.

Edwards said she received positive and supportive responses to her walkout suggestion.

“The reason for this suggestion comes from teachers, other people employed by our school districts across North Carolina. Their calls for a raise and better working conditions are going unheard in Raleigh,” she said.

Edwards said many teachers leave North Carolina because they can make more money in other states. She thinks a walkout would get the attention of lawmakers. She said changes were needed to address teachers’ concerns.

“I am the parent of a public school pupil, I am the spouse of a public educator and this request does not escape me. I don’t take this lightly, considering these two roles I have. Ultimately, we are hurting our students by not paying our teachers better,” Edwards said.

State subcommittee recommends restoring higher salaries for teachers with higher degrees

NC Policy Watch, Greg Childress, 08/18/2022

Low public school teacher salaries continue to hurt recruitment

North Carolina should revert to extra pay for teachers with higher degrees, to help school districts struggling to fill classrooms with certified teachers, a state subcommittee Professional Educator Preparation and Standards Commission (PEPSC) accepted on Wednesday.

PEPSC’s budget and compensation subcommittee voted 9 to 3 to ask the State Board of Education to seek the reinstatement of what was known as “teacher’s compensation.”

The Republican-led General Assembly ended the practice in 2013, citing studies that showed teachers with advanced degrees did not improve student academic performance.

Teachers who received additional salary for higher degrees before the 2014-2015 school year were grandfathered into the system and continue to receive a 10% salary supplement from the state.

Madison Cawthorn personally lost half a million dollars in her ‘dumpster burning’ re-election campaign: report

Raw Story, Matthew Chapman, 08/18/2022

Thursday, The Daily Beast reported this incumbent Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) has more than half a million dollars in the hole in her personal finances for her failed re-election campaign.

“A pair of unusual campaign finance reports this week reveal that since 2019, Cawthorn has personally invested a total of $817,000 in his campaign, while only recouping $261,000 of that amount,” Roger Sollenberger reported. “That leaves him personally in the $556,000 hole, more than three times Congress’ annual salary of $174,000. The new campaign reports also punctuate a remarkable financial meltdown that had played out alongside the political implosion not so growth of Cawthorn in the first half of the year.”

The report notes that the funding collapse came at a crucial time in the Republican primary for Cawthorn and could have contributed to his defeat.

Saurav Ghosh, director of federal reform at watchdog group Campaign Legal Center, told the Daily Beast the situation “could be accurately described as a ‘dumpster fire'”.

Madison Cawthorn faces $17,000 fines over FEC reports showing $1,800 spent at tobacco store

Raw Story, David Edwards, 8/16/2022

Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC) reportedly spent more money than he had in his campaign coffers and now faces $17,000 in fines from the Federal Election Commission (FEC).

The Citizen-Times of Asheville reported that the FEC could fine Cawthorn $17,141 for filing his campaign finance return a month late. The paper based its conclusion on a thin calculator on the FEC website. A vote by the FEC commissioners would determine the actual fine.

“The Cawthorn documents showed a campaign that, through June 30, spent more than it brought in, despite donating $207,858 from the personal funds of the 20-year-old Henderson County congressman. 27 years old,” the newspaper noted. “Of the places where donor money was used, $1,812 was spent at a tobacco shop.”

In an Instagram video posted in July, Cawthorn displayed what he said was his favorite cigar, selling for around $150 a box.

Madison Cawthorn’s distressed finances show unprecedented spending, political expert says

WLOS, Sarah Zatkulac, 08/15/2022

We now know exactly where Rep. Madison Cawthorn (R-NC 11) has spent campaign funds over the past few months.

Its last quarterly financial report was due in July, but was only submitted on August 14, after a Federal Election Commission warning. The report on Cawthorn Fundraising and Expenses has over 600 pages. It shows the congressman continues to outspend his campaign, with receipts for hundreds of dollars at places like local restaurant Papa’s & Beer.

The report shows that from April 28 to June 30, Cawthorn’s campaign brought in $439,636, but spent significantly more – $575,730. This brings his total contributions since taking office to $4,236,430.21 and his total spent to $4,704,334.73.

Western Carolina University political science professor Dr. Chris Cooper says the amounts are unprecedented, but typical for Cawthorn.

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