The Chou Sing Chu Foundation (CSCF) School Library Sponsorship Program recently added 20 primary schools to its 2022 cycle, bringing the total number of primary schools benefiting from the program to 70.

The CSCF is a non-profit organization that promotes Chinese culture, education and language.

The program, launched in 2018, aims to nurture a love of the Chinese language in students from an early age and establish a solid foundation for learning through Chinese language book donations to selected primary schools.

More than 70,000 books were donated to school library collections last month.

At Tuesday’s event (April 26), CSCF Executive Director Ms. Ruth Cao said, “We are steadily moving closer to our goal of sponsoring books for 100 primary schools. We hope that schools that have not yet joined this initiative will seize the opportunity and apply soon.”

Sponsored schools are selected by a committee made up of representatives from the Ministry of Education and the National Institute of Education.

Schools are selected based on factors such as their existing library collection, as well as Chinese language promotion activities and future projects.

CSCF founder and chairman Chou Cheng Ngok is an advocate for the program, which has also received support from the Committee for the Promotion of Chinese Language Learning.

Principals and vice-principals representing the 20 schools joined Mr. Chou at the NTUC Center on Tuesday to sign and receive sponsorship recognition letters.

Jurong West Primary School Headmaster Chris Loh Kai Mun hopes the program will rekindle students’ love for books.

He said: “With this partnership, the school can purchase and provide new reading resources to generate interest and attract students to this favorite pastime.”