ALBUQUERQUE, NM – The 2022 State Fair Parade kicked off around 8:30 a.m. Saturday morning with various floats, music, and a decent-sized crowd ready to kick off the fairground season here in Albuquerque.

The parade began just at the edge of the Parc des Expositions near Louisiana and Center by marching west toward Boulevard Girard.

In addition to the people, there were also tons of furry friends present with dogs and their owners watching the parade from many places on the sidewalk.

The local Bernalillo County 4-H group came out to celebrate with their float decorated in green and shamrocks, featuring the 4-H logo.

“We get to show a lot of things and get a lot of experience, and you know this is our state fair, not our county, so we have a lot of counties coming in, so we meet a lot of people and it’s really amazing,” said a 4-H member.

On their float, they were also joined by their adorable helpers Sprite, a black-faced Hampshire sheep and Jigsaw Puzzle, a Nigerian dwarf goat.

Another float in the parade represented their bilingual elementary school.

“We are a bilingual school and we are proud to represent our culture,” said Aime Giron, a local teacher at a bilingual primary school.

Giron says they have been waiting to participate in this parade since last year. This year, their float responds to the theme of Dia de Los Muertos to help honor the past of different groups.

“Without the past there would be no present, so we are here to honor all people of the past, including Uvalde, including Ukraine, all victims of gun violence, and we all have our signs representing our causes and our beliefs,” Giron said. “We just want a better world.”

Among other things, the parade featured classic New Mexico cars, horses trotting down the street, and tons of smiling kids jumping on all the candy thrown from numerous floats.

The New Mexico State Fair is back with no restrictions this year and the parade was just another stepping stone to getting back to normal here in the state.