Are all apps equally addictive and bad for your brain? Many believe that heavy smartphone use can do more harm than good. In reality, it depends on how conscientiously you manage your time and use your smartphone.

As a student, you always have a phone in your hand. Whether it’s organizing homework, chores, or planning trips, there are plenty of apps designed for students and professionals alike. Specialists advise you to put your phone away at least a few hours a day, especially before going to bed. But how can you use technology to make your day a little more fun?

There are many ways to recharge your battery between classes. You should always snack and drink enough water to maintain peak performance. At the same time, you can prepare your tests and essays with WritePaper in advance, so as not to feel too much pressure. As a bonus, you can check out the apps that help you focus and distract you from the heavy workload.

Head space

Many people think that meditation requires extra effort or skill. All you need is some free time and the Headspace app. Meditation and mindfulness exercises can help you stay focused and significantly reduce stress.

Whenever you feel like you’re too distracted or overwhelmed, you can check out some quick meditation guides. In general, regular mindfulness practice can help you succeed in your studies and live a happier life.

chair yoga

Another useful app for relieving stress and anxiety. The app offers a collection of easy-to-follow exercises that don’t require any additional equipment. You also don’t need to spend more than a few minutes practicing it.

While Headspace helps get you back on track, chair yoga can also help you feel tired from sitting in class. Your physical condition also has a big impact on your mood and concentration, so you should give chair yoga a shot.


Knowing several languages ​​is always a big advantage for your future career. Duolingo is designed to make the learning process as easy and fun as possible. Each section takes several minutes, so you can use them between your classes.

Practice makes it perfect, and soon enough you will see improvements in your language skills. Plus, Duolingo is free and has handy features to make your experience versatile.

Chegg preparation

It is easier to memorize large amounts of information with flashcards. With Chegg Prep, you can create flashcards on the go and save you time in the future. Just add terms and key images, and practice before class or test.

The app is easy to use and free. As a bonus, he has 500+ flashcards on different topics.


Scribd is a place where you can find a large collection of audiobooks, sheet music, and many other materials for your studies. It’s a stripped down version of having everything you might need in one place. Each time you receive a mission, simply add the necessary materials to your list.

Scribd is perfect for distracting yourself with books or magazines. The app is easy to use and free for 30 days.


A regular and nutritious meal is the basis for any student to succeed in their studies. While you have a break between your classes, you can easily plan your lunch or dinner with MealBoard. The app helps you manage your planning and recipesso you don’t feel overwhelmed after a day of studying.

This app is perfect for people who often don’t know what to cook but want to avoid ordering too much takeout. The app has an easy-to-navigate built-in browser, so you can quickly find popular recipes or add your own.

Schedule or class schedule

Organizing your workflow is essential to avoid missing the deadline or forgetting important assignments. Many students think they remember all their homework, but then quickly lose focus and have trouble with their grades. It is normal not to remember everything.

This is where planning apps can help you stay up to date. Timetable (for Android) or Class Timetable (for iOS) are examples of apps that every student should use. After completing your course, add your homework to the list and set reminders.

Words between friends

Classes can be exhausting, and the best way to shake yourself up before another class is to play a crossword puzzle. It is a multiplayer game which you can play with your friends or find new people. These games are not only fun, they help you check your knowledge and refresh your vocabulary.

It’s important to keep your mind sharp and focus on something that can help you. Practicing your crosswords and having fun has never been easier.

Trivia Crack

Another game to help you refresh your brain before going to lectures. Trivia games are always a challenge because they require not only memorizing certain facts, but also memorizing them quickly and developing your analytical skills. You can play with your friends or strangers and earn in-game bonuses.

The game offers over 20 languages ​​and thousands of exciting questions, and you can create your own questions for your opponents.


This game can easily alleviate the stress you feel after an intense study session. Game strategy does not require any additional knowledge. You have to move blocks in four directions and get the highest score.

This helps you find the right frame of mind to continue studying. Even if you’re not a big fan of strategy games, this one will become your favorite.


It is important for any student to stay focused and grounded between classes. You really don’t want to install addictive apps that can easily take up all your time. So maybe more fun and complex games can be a reward after completing all your tasks and missions.

Many apps give you quick fixes to distract yourself, but this list can be very useful for your daily routines. Planning and keeping your space tidy is rewarding and brings you more joy with results.

Madhu Chanda

Madhu Chanda, a USA Today bestselling author, is a former journalist who interviewed death row inmates, flew with the LAPD over Los Angeles and patrolled with the Royal Canadian Mounted Police near the Arctic.